Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Monday fun

Hello Kia ora On Monday we had wheels day, slip slide, and swimming. It was so amazing when we got to go on the slip n slide because I got to be with my friends and I enjoyed playing rugby in the swimming pool. I was so enthusiastic when I got to go on the bike because I did wheel tricks and stuff. I learnt how to do tricks. I learnt a new bombing move inside the pool. It was very challenging when I was on the bike. But this Monday was the best Monday ever, I hope you enjoyed our fun day ka kite ano.  Please leave some comments please.

Friday, December 8, 2017

what I loved about this year

In term one our school went to the Central ripper tournament. We vs eight team's and the hardest game was the semi final because there coach was so hard on them then we were losing by two points eight to six. After that we never give up and we still won. It was so awesome when I could play with my friends in tournament and I was very happy when I got to be captain oo yeah. My Teacher also thinks that i am going to be an All Black when I am older he thinks I am that good. Then we became champion of the central ripper tournament oo yeah. I hope you enjoyed my learning good bye. 

Thinking Hats slideshow

In the past few weeks we did the 6 De Bono  thinking hats about the Celebration day. We all had to answer all of the questions and on one of them we had to right six sentence. There were six hats and the colours were white, yellow, red, black, green, blue. This slideshow was so hard because the questions were so difficult. I learnt how to reflect to the questions I hope you comment bye. 

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Gala day and soap

Hello kia ora In the past two terms my class Waitemata did soap and post. The posted was about the gala day and our soaps we had to make signs of our soap and signs for the gala day. We had to put lots of decorations so people can see what we done for the past term for the gala day. The challenging thing was when we had to find our ingredients for our soap, I learnt how make soap and putting the ingredients in the soap. It was so fun when I got to take a soap home because it smells nice it's fresh it makes you clean, I hope you enjoyed my special soap and gala day story bye.   

Thursday, November 9, 2017

novel study

Image result for Jonty and Choc

The past few weeks we did our novel study about our novels. My special novel was about two boys named Jonty and Choc. they were best friends in primary and then when they got to intermediate they didn't want to be friends any more because they were getting bulled. It was so hard because it was so long and there difficulty words that I didn't know. I learnt how to be good at school and ignoring people by says bad words. And this book was so special because it was about sports and about friendship. I hope you read my work bye.

Friday, October 27, 2017

the journey

This Term Room Waitemata did maths about a NZ Journey. We were learning all about travelling around New Zealand we had to add up all our Totals. Then I did the first slide it was about planes we had to chose a plane. And I chose new  Zealand air then we had to make the total and the time then we had to add it up the total was $89 and the time was 12:15. It was so hard find the time of the flit and the total because it was the first time I've did that it was so challenge. We also only had a budget of $500 a day it was really hard to try and keep to that. Here are some of the slides of some of the Fun activities that we got to do along the way. 

Friday, September 29, 2017

Our blogging Connections

Yesterday we did Cyber smart with Gerard we made a map with all the Ako Hiko  Primary school. Then we had to find all the other school that were from Ako Hiko after we had find all the other clusters besides Ako Hiko. After that we had to mark where our families were from. My family are from Tonga. I learned that there are heaps of other schools in other clusters. It was super hard trying to find out who these school were. It was so hard when we had to find all the other clusters beside Ako Hiko because the others were not from auckland.. Hope you Comment on this special blog. Here is the map and the instruction sheet:
Thanks for reading this blog post and I'll see ya later!