Friday, August 18, 2017


On Thursday the 18th of August room 7 went to Taekwondo. We did some relays.The first one was sit ups, the second one was crutches, after that we did Taekwondo kicks. Then we all had a kicking competition. We all had to sit down in a line then everybody had kick the pads, the last ones were Max ,myself, Kieren ,Dazharn and Lopeti. Max won the first two rounds. Hame came second Kieren came third and Dazharn came fourth. Then we had to go back into our lines. To finsh we clap two time and waited for our Taekwondo teacher say go.

My favourite relay was sit ups.

I liked the kicking competition.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Committing on someones blog

On Thursday the 10th of August, Te Waka Ako went to Hauraki to do cyber smart with Gerard. We had to find a blog that we really like I chose room 1 from may road school, it was about swimming. After that we did a practice blog comment, we had to thought about positive, thoughtful and helpful thoughts. Also we did a question one. I hope you enjoy all of it, hope you give a comment.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Camp tents

Yesterday Te Waka Ako made tent out of tooth picks and clay then when we finish it we had to take a photo of our own creations. Our task was to make a tent with clay and tooth picks . I  made an Amy tent. My problem was that i had to start of again again and again,because the tooth picks couldn't stick to gather.   The part that  I like most was making different shapes with the tooth picks. I was very happy with my creations. I learn how to make a tent with clay and tooth picks .My  shapes were triangle and square . It was fun to make these the little tents.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Rocket Lunch

This week my reading class Philippa Weary we were talking about rocket launches. We decided to do an infer-graphic about what we have learn't. After that we had to make an google drawing and to make some symbols and put some different shapes so the facts can go on it then we had to send it to our teacher and then we were told to make an blog post and write about what we did and then share to my blog.

Friday, June 30, 2017


Last term room 7 did all about me these are the things i did.I did Jesus, WWE, NFL, Rugby, KFC, Sushi I wrote all about when I saw the KFC burger it was so nice the sushi the terriaki chicken that was nice to then I did rugby was my favourite sport my favourite team was All Blacks & the Highlander and NFL I like NFL because I like it when they dance wwe I like wwe because it cool when they do there finish on the table.  

Friday, June 23, 2017

use double and halve to solve problem

This week Kahurangi my maths group circle did halves and doubles and solving problems. The first question was learn we had to solve double halves to this number the next question was to create doubles halve to these we did same thing after that we had to share it to a partner and then make a problem then you had to share to my maths teacher.

Friday, June 16, 2017


Yesterday Te Wake Ako all went to Hauraki and Gerard came to show his thinglink that he made then he told us about himself and his family about being a dad and his hobbies. Then he told us to do two paragraphs after that on thinglink and we had to put two paragraphs of your favourite player that you like, my favourite rugby player is Malakai Fekitoa. In rugby my favourite rugby team is the Highlanders my favourite song the ocean the we made a blog post.      

I learnt how to make a thinglink.