Friday, September 29, 2017

Our blogging Connections

Yesterday we did Cyber smart with Gerard we made a map with all the Ako Hiko  Primary school. Then we had to find all the other school that were from Ako Hiko after we had find all the other clusters besides Ako Hiko. After that we had to mark where our families were from. My family are from Tonga. I learned that there are heaps of other schools in other clusters. It was super hard trying to find out who these school were. It was so hard when we had to find all the other clusters beside Ako Hiko because the others were not from auckland.. Hope you Comment on this special blog. Here is the map and the instruction sheet:
Thanks for reading this blog post and I'll see ya later!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Digital Etiquette

 Hey Blogging world, this week on Thursday we did cyber-smart with Gerhard and we learnt what netiquette means. To do this we had to Brainstorm some of the of Dos and what not to do on the internet and what to do good on the internet. We also learnt about what is formal and informal language. When you comment on your school mates works or your family and friends that is usually informal. Formal means is when you are sending an email to your school, teachers, or about a job. I learnt what netiquette means, I learnt what informal means and formal it was challenging when we did a competition I didn't know what informal means and formal. I think I should know what informal means and formal I should work on that. Blog you later bye bloggers hope you check it out.

Friday, September 15, 2017


On Thursday September 14 , Jerhard came to Te Waka Ako, for cyber smart  class.We 
learned how to work in Collaboration.The first box was to find what Collaboration means 
and it means the action of working together. After that we had to watch the video that Jerhard showed us then we had two options, we could just put the video or put a photo and
put a link. Then we had  to write what the word Collaboration meant to us . I think it means helping people, teamwork and friendship. The last box was about the rules of teamwork, Friendship talking to each other and being helpful. What was challenging was when we had to work on one document and other people were deleting the work. I learned Collaboration means it means we have to work together as a team.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Magic Science

Hi bloggers my name is Hame and my school went to see a science show. There were two people that came to teach us crazy science tricks. It was amazing when he showed us his first science magic, it was finger guard trick when he was able to change what finger the guard was on and add guards without us noticing how he did it. It was fantastic when Richard made a big bubble with a bubble stick. Do you know that Bubbles are the thinnest object your eyes can see.  Another cool trick Richard preformed was was when he use his hair dryer to make the ball float in the air what made it float was Fast moving air Pushes up while gravity pulls it down that was so exciting. I learned how to make liquid into a solid with something called polymer nappy powder that was so wicked. I wonder how you could do all this tricks with science. i also wonder if I could be the next crazy best scientist in the world. Blog you later THE END

Friday, September 8, 2017

Camp Poem

This past week we did our camp poems. The first thing we did was to write our poem on a paper. My poem was about a tent from camp that made a dent. After that we had to find a partner and read our poems to each other then we did our own Poems in our Art book . Then we had to decorated our poems I found this hard because it was hard finding rhyming words.  I learned how to make my poem rhyme tent dent and fent but thats all i could come up with. Can you think of any more for me?? Blog you later!!!   

Friday, September 1, 2017

Camp 2017

On Friday the Augusts of the 18th we did our camp Mt Ruapehu slides. At camp we went to Hamilton gardens. We did a game called scavenger hunt and it was a competition where we had to find the answer on the Hamilton gardens paper. Pink group won the competition. Then we went to Otorohanga to have lunch after that we went to the Ed Hillary walkway to find out about the information about famous things in New Zealand. We did a poem about cheese all day. Then we all went to Taumaranui Primary school to have after noon tea and we played. Then we arrived at at our hotel it was so cool. Our room was cool as it was only one room but it had another floor. The next day it was snowboarding time, the first day was long then we had lessons it sucked for me because it was so hard but I did not give up and the next day I became the master of snowboarding. It was best experience of my camp. It was so hard going of the chair lift my challenge was snowboarding sideways

Friday, August 18, 2017


On Thursday the 18th of August room 7 went to Taekwondo. We did some relays.The first one was sit ups, the second one was crutches, after that we did Taekwondo kicks. Then we all had a kicking competition. We all had to sit down in a line then everybody had kick the pads, the last ones were Max ,myself, Kieren ,Dazharn and Lopeti. Max won the first two rounds. Hame came second Kieren came third and Dazharn came fourth. Then we had to go back into our lines. To finsh we clap two time and waited for our Taekwondo teacher say go.

My favourite relay was sit ups.

I liked the kicking competition.